Where happiness comes back

Nguyen Ha Vy_2Ha Vy was born in great joy and love of her parents and grandparents and she grew up very pretty. At 12 weeks old, her lovely laughs made everyone around her happy. But they did not know that she could not hear any sound in the surrounding world. When her parents brought her to the central Ear, Nose and Throat hospital, she was diagnosed deaf. Although no one wanted to believe it, they had to accept the truth, as one of her cousins is also deaf.

These days when she was wearing the hearing aids, everyone was asking and staring at her with pity eyes, which made her parents feel really uncomfortable and afraid of meeting people. Her mother tried to teach her to speak but Vy could not. The family felt really sad as they could not communicate with Vy..

However, one day Vy was introduced to the IDEO project. In the beginning, her mother was very opposed to it as she didn’t want her child to study sign language, but then she was convinced by the family support team (FST) to have Vy join the project.


We recall the first lessons which were also the hardest days for us We did not have much experience with her, and she did not cooperate with us. Her fingers were weak and the language was still very new for her. She was very shy and sat close to her mother crying whenever the FST came.

Sometimes we wondered when she would remember those simple signs that we had taught her, and if of our efforts would be impactful.


But we never gave up. She gradually used the signs that we had taught, which made us and her parents very happy. Vy is starting to love sign language more and more because thanks to it, now she can communicate with her friends and family.

We were so touched by her family who always encouraged us. They said: “Only when we have a child with disability, we understand the heart and patience of those who teach children with disabilities.Those who never mind traveling a long distance to go to deaf children to and teach them how to communicate with other people through sign language. This is a silent deed with so many difficulties that only those in the situation could understand. Our family sincerely thanks the project and the FST for bringing us the joy that we have now”. That motivates us a lot, and gives us strength and faith to keep up with our work every day.