New hope for a deaf child

Khanh_6-01-03Khanh was born as a child like other children who are able to hear and speak. Unfortunately, just after being injected with a vaccine, he became a child with physical disabilities. In addition he could not hear and speak anymore.

Khanh has been living with parents at Di An, Binh Duong province. When he was 2 years old, his parents sent him to an early intervention class at a special school for children with disabilities. Three years studying at school did not help Khanh, as he could not make any progress in lip-reading or speaking. Then the school stopped teaching him, and planned to wait until he became old enough for primary school.

His parents were so upset, since their dreams and hopes were shattered by this decision, and they were left without any solution to help their son communicate with other people and to understand him more. They spent a lot of time and effort trying to find doctors and medicines to treat him, but it was in vain. The parents had no option other than to wait until he was old enough for primary school and to continue hoping that he could learn to communicate with other people. One day, two people visited them from the IDEO project, a deaf family mentor named Nhat and a Sign Language Interpreter named Thao. Khanh’s mother was very happy to know that the Family Support Team, composed of a deaf Teacher and an Interpreter would now be teaching sign language to Khanh. She was in complete support for him to have this help.

Once a week, rain or shine, deaf Teacher Nhat and Sign Language Interpreter Thao regularly came and gave him Sign Language lessons. Khanh has now been taught Sign Language for more than two months, and his mother also joins the lessons so that she can help him to review the material at night and communicate with him in everyday life. Khanh’s mother is quick minded and highly motivated to learn Sign Language to help her son, and so she is learning very quickly and is beginning to communicate with Khanh by Sign Language.

Although Khanh is not very healthy and also has mobility impairment, he has tried his best to learn. At first it was difficult for him to sign, but then he made began to make excellent progress and can now sign flexibly with improved understanding and knowledge. He has a good sign vocabulary and can communicate with his mother. His mother is now very happy. She said: “My son and I can understand each other now. I am so grateful for the help and work of family support team and IDEO Project. I wish more deaf children can access these services in the future”.

By Tran Thi Nhu Thao, SL Interpreter, Family Support Team, HCM City