Parents of Deaf Children show their gratitude to their children’s first teacher

Immersed in the delighted atmosphere of the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day of 20 November, and to show gratitude and respect to “the first teacher” of their children, Hanoi Parents Association of Deaf Children, with the support of the IDEO project, organized the Teachers’ Day Celebration. IMG_9557 This special event took place with the participation of a representative of the donor organisation the Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF), the World Bank, all the parents of the Deaf children in the project, the leaders of the Centers, the Teachers from the IDEO project site, the Family Support Teams of Hanoi and the members of the Project Management Board and the Implementing agency. Performances of the Parents & Deaf Family Mentors have warmed the atmosphere in the room and received very enthusiastic responses from the audience. IMG_9200 IMG_9281 IMG_9524 Ms. Jaehyang So, the representative of JSDF, offered congratulations to all the teachers at the Teacher’s Day. She then also shared that, “I am very honored and happy to be invited to this event. From the reports that I’ve seen and what I have witnessed so far today, I am so impressed by the working of the IDEO project from the past until now. What distinguishes IDEO from other projects is the connection and strong link among the teachers, the families and the Deaf children. You have done such a brilliant job!”

IMG_9329 Ms. Jaehyang So, the representative of JSDP – one of the donors of the project delivering a speech

At the event, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Que, the Vice President of IDEO’s Parents Association of Deaf Children shared this thought. “Today, I want to give sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of the Deaf Teachers and Sign Language Interpreters in the IDEO project. They may not be official teachers at school. They teach the Deaf children in the project. But they have gone through training for teaching with international trainers. There are proverbs saying that: “A young ox learns to plow from an older one” and “though s/he taught you once, s/he’s your teacher”. To us and to our children, they are our first teacher.” The IDEO project is implemented within the context of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) actively directing departments to implement Special Education and Inclusive Education for disabled children in kindergartens. IDEO is the first project in Vietnam which puts a focus on early intervention and teaching Sign Language for children under 6-years old through the methodology of a Family Support Team.

Ngày 12.11.2014