Family Support Team Training – the 3rd time

Ho Chi Minh city – From 13 to 19 July, 2014 the Family Support Team (FST) Training with topics Communication Facilitation/Sign Language Interpretation Training and Deaf Family Mentor Training was held in Ho Chi Minh city by World Concern Development Organisation- IDEO project. The training was conducted by two international trainers, Doctor Audrey Cooper and Samuel Weber, M.A. FST training_HCM-02

FST training – the 3rd time (photo IDEO)

This was the last training session of the Communication Facilitation/Sign Language Interpretation and Deaf Family Mentor training module for group 1 which was organized from June 2013 to July 2014. The training aimed to provide the family mentors and sign language interpreters with knowledge, technique skill, teaching methodology and communication skill with deaf children and parents. The training content focused on the knowledge and skills which deaf children family mentors and sign language interpreters need to have for effective work, such as working rules and effective communication in the FST and in schools and centres; roles, responsibilities and coordination among FST, family and school; the active support  to children with challenging behavior and difficulty in learning. Lectures, practical lessons, group discussions, video and analyzing the activities between parents, children and deaf mentors, presentation by participants and teaching assistants in Vietnamese and in sign language, sharing the stories of working with deaf children and their families were the main activities of the training session. FST training_HCM-03 FST training_HCM-04

Discussion and group presentation (photo IDEO)

FST training_HCM-05

Practicing an activity (photo IDEO)

At the end of the training, sign language interpreter Pham Tuan Anh from Thai Nguyen said: “In the past when I had not joined IDEO project and attended trainings, I often interpreted word by word along with spoken language. However, now I know the deaf grammar and language structure. After 3 training courses I feel much more confident now as I learned a lot from trainers as well as fellow participants. Besides, I have learnt a lot of tips to work with team.” FST training_HCM-06

Doctor Audrey Cooper and Samuel Weber M.A presented certificate for participants (photo IDEO)

For further information about the training, please contact to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hien, Program Coordinator at

Ngày 13.07.2014