IDEO Project in Vietnam

IDEODeaf children communities in Vietnam will soon have access to new opportunities to learn and grow up to their best potentials by their “native” sign language through the project “Intergenerational Deaf Education Outreach”. Funded by the Japanese government, the project is implemented by World Concern Development Organization in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training through four years from 2012 to 2015 in four provinces/cities of Hanoi, Thai Nguyen province, Quang Binh province and Ho Chi Minh City.

This project is funded by the Japanese Social Development Fund, entrusted to the management of the World Bank, with the budget of $2,798,270 USD plus 2 billion VND from the Viet Nam Government.

A special feature of this project is a new approach, which has been successfully applied in Thailand and several other countries in the last decade, now first being implemented in Vietnam. The deaf children would have opportunities to learn to communicate comprehensively in order to develop their cognitive abilities and social awareness accordingly to their age. At least 150 families of deaf children will access the methodology of sign language as a means of communication to help their children directly and daily at home.

The project emphasizes on developing professional human resource of deaf people. 30 deaf adults will be trained to become “educators/mentors” providing support directly to the little ones who share the same situation of being deaf. At least 80 teachers from the centers/schools and some kindergartens will be trained on sign language, comprehensive communication, speech therapy so that they can support deaf children more effectively.

A team of 25 people will be trained as communication facilitators / sign language interpreters.

The close partnership and collaboration between the deaf children’s families, deaf educators, preschool teachers and sign language interpreters, under the guidance of education management officials from different levels will certainly make the project effective and fruitful, and enabled to develop beyond its time frame.

The clubs of the deaf across the country will be supported to grow in the capacity to self-manage and develop their organizations.