Education pre-school deaf children


Deaf Education Project pre-school children – IDEO by the organization World Concern carried out, in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Training, carried out in four provinces including Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, Quang Binh and Ho. Ho Chi Minh City from 2012 to 2015.

The project is the Social Development Fund of Japan (JSDF) grants, trustees through the World Bank for funding of $ 2,798,270 USD and 2 billion from the Government of Vietnam.

The project gives a new approach has been applied successfully in Thailand and some countries in the world in recent decades and was first deployed in Vietnam. Deaf children will learn to communicate aggregated to develop social awareness and in accordance with his age. There are at least 150 families will have access to deaf children communicate by means of sign language to be able to live every day to support their children.

The project focuses on development of human resources is deaf, deaf people will be 30 professional training to become “guides” direct support for young people at the scene. There are at least 80 teachers in schools / training centers and several young Deaf preschools will learn sign language, communication synthesis, said teaching methods that can better support for young Deaf.

A team consisting of 25 people will be trained certified “interpreter” in sign language.

The combination, in close cooperation between young families Deaf, deaf instructors, preschool teachers and interpreters, under the direction of education managers at all levels will certainly bring project results and continue to grow after the project ends.

The club of the deaf in the country will be supported capacity building on the work of executive self-help club and develop your club.

Its mission IDEO

anh su menh ideo

Value foundation IDEO

Good communication within families to help children succeed in school

Good communication in families help children absorb and express love and concern among members of the family, from which the child can develop, integrate into normal life. Through good communication in the family, young and prepared for school through learning and getting to know the world around them from everyday family activities.

Deaf children can study and learn the language should be like other children, so families and educators need to create conditions for children to have access to adequate language according to their ability.

Like other children, Deaf children want to be involved in the daily life of the family, want to please their parents, and want to do well in school learning. And they can do all these things, but by the children will use their eyes and hands over the mouth and ears. So Deaf children need to be exposed to sign language as early as the first language – natural language of children. Completely contrary to the opinions of those who do not have the expertise, the use of actual NNKH foundation helps children with language to be able to learn other languages, help children learn Vietnamese to speak, read and write better.

Language is important, not just to communicate. Early language learning helps children develop brain and cognitive abilities, express emotions, creating a foundation for the development and social inclusion of children in the future.

Education deaf children need to focus on development and social awareness for children.

Teach children to speak, or teach children to use NNKH should not be the purpose of education for children, but it is only a means to impart knowledge parallel to the moral education of children.

Everyone (parents, professionals, managers, deaf and listeners) to share knowledge, insights and talents.

This is the power set to change the circumstances of life for Deaf children and create a better society in which people are to develop and contribute to the common good. In particular, the deaf person is qualified and capable in local areas is an important resource in teaching deaf children. The translation NNKH help break down communication barriers for deaf communication and hearer expand knowledge, build partnerships and achieve many successes together.