“Deaf or Deaf?” – Philosophy of Education through name

 image 1 today, in our society in general and in the field of education for people with problems of” listening “in particular often disturbed or there is a debate about the two terms “deaf” and “deaf” is a good word to use or rather. Who is also sure to call whatever name just come on, “Deaf” or “deaf” is also what distinguishes as that need. So 2 this term merely to name that caught the ear or hearing with education reflect the views or perspectives on this subject? In this article I want to address the issues related to two terms.

The majority of Hearing community (who have normal hearing ability) often prefer to use the word “deaf” and avoid using the word “deaf”. But in the community who do not have the ability to listen, they call themselves the Deaf. So in what way is the right call?

According to the thinking of many “Listen”, then use the word “deaf” softer sounds are using the word “Deaf” is because of habit ever, we used to use the word “deaf” to critics or berating someone when they do not follow the request or not listen to her. For example, when you call someone, call skeptical that they do not answer for any reason, it can be frustrating, and said “the deaf eh, why not answer.” Or, on the crossroads of some drivers download honk to ask someone out of the way for her to go ahead, if they do not give way when the truck bypass will hear a sentence scolded as “deaf and kill!” Therefore, when using this word to refer to the people can not hear it physically is why many people think that using the word heavy, hard to hear that. Deaf for its use from the softer, more polite and more respectful drawing. But in fact, there should be more respect or not is heavier? Let’s try to analyze this term under another aspect see stars.

“Deaf” in the sense Han Vietnam has 2 meanings. One is “hearing loss”. Deaf since the womb (congenital deafness), they were able to hear where that loss? The second meaning is “lack of ability to hear”. When we give them is the “lack of ability to hear” also means that we have for her, “Listen to the people” who are fully capable of listening over them, we do not lack the ability to hear. And they are “deaf”, the inability to hear. In short, the word “deaf” implies is LISTENING & gt; DEAF.

Conversely, when calls them “Deaf” and we are the “Listen” If we understand how this call in a literal sense it means that he does not listen and I listen. This is like saying that you do not like me and I like. Like that between me and him have a difference in a particular field.

With invoking “Deaf compared with LISTENING, only demonstrates that he and I are different. If called: Deaf reconciliation with my LISTENING than his means. OVER DIFFERENCES between and then according to your word is worse? Invoking “deaf” is looking medically deaf, just pay attention to their ears, to the lack of a certain part of the body structure of a perfect man. Invoking “deaf” is looking Deaf cultural / social studies, recognition of diversity in society, calling is more humane?

When people call themselves Deaf mean they acknowledge a truth about themselves that they do not hear. And it helps them realize that there are those who hear. So this world is divided into two different groups: listening and not listening. If she says they call themselves “the lack / loss of hearing” (deaf), they do not understand that I lack / loss of something. Because where they have had to know how that is missing or lost. Moreover the lack of it may make up for it, but to them, the deaf shall be taken to compensate for the missing anything here?

In such analysis, we found that people who listen to the language created to communicate with each other based on the sound and the language expressed through the voice (language spoken). And those who do not hear the language they created in the image they see and are expressed through the hands, called Sign Language. Two different languages ​​of two different communities in a common society. And when people say they are Deaf also means that they acknowledge and be proud that their community has a culture and a language other than the listeners own: Sign Language and Deaf Culture, and the their communication with sign language.

In addition, in the Deaf community, the word “deaf” is often used to refer to the Deaf people have the ability to use their remaining hearing ability with the help of the players to be able to pronounce and use Its spoken language of the hearing community. The word “deaf” implies only those who use spoken language (Vietnamese, English …) in communication with others and not use or do not know sign language. Currently, in Deaf education in many countries around the world are also gradually restrict the use of the word “Hearing impaired” (deaf), but instead is using the word “Hard of Hearing” or “hearing” (Listen hard ) for the definition of the meaning of two words the word “deaf” heavier sounds from “listening harder”.

So what is the term used, depending on the perspective of the user. If they understand the meaning of this term 2 will choose to use. In addition, no longer use the term depending on the requirements of the objects they interact with. If he wants me to call them and I will call them Deaf Deaf and if they want to be called deaf, we will call the Deaf, which is respect for the will of the people they communicate rather discuss the right or wrong here. [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]